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NOW! is the global movement pushing for humanity to work as One to solve the biggest challenges of our time.



€23,527 raised
€30,000 goal

When contemplating that the next generations will die because of climate change if nothing changes, that we live in societies where wealthy corporations don’t pay their fair share of taxes, or that authoritarians and populists are increasingly taking away our rights, you cannot avoid feeling powerless. Can your actions actually change the tide?  Can your voice be loud enough?

The answer is yes. Pre-order your membership to NOW!. Don’t hope for others to do good; do it yourself.



NOW! is the disruptive global movement pushing for humanity to work as One to solve the biggest challenges of our time. Climate change, fiscal justice or for example global rights can only be tackled if we work all together.

NOW! was born out of the belief that some problems are bigger than our countries and even our continents, and they are not being solved due to a lack of common consciousness, shared solutions and concerted actions. This is why NOW! will:

  1. Craft global solutions to the world’s biggest challenges,
  2. Communicate them massively to create a common global consciousness, and
  3. Campaign for global solutions to be passed into law.

From calling for referendums, to launching viral petitions, lobbying elected officials, protesting, taking part in public consultations, levying our champions’ voices, using civil disobedience when needed, and collaborating with change-makers, we will push for the same concrete pieces of legislation addressing global challenges, across continents to fight for our future.

NOW! may sound like a dream, but it is one worth fighting for. Sitting back and waiting for others to take action is no longer an option. We have a duty to stand for one another. We have the power to shape this world for the better. We have to unite. Yes, we are big believers that we are stronger together!

NOW! will be launched on January 1st, 2020: a new movement for a new decade.



Help us make this vision a reality. Although we will be funded through membership fees, which means what we will be sustainable soon, we need disruptive visionaries to support us ahead of the launch on January 1st!

On the right, you can find some early-bird membership schemes  (when we launch membership prices will vary per country), but feel free to contribute and donate anything you can - any donation at this stage will make you a member!

We are aiming at raising 30,000 Euros in the coming weeks:

  • 39% will be invested to set up our IT and digital infrastructures (website, design, management software),
  • 26% will be used to cover administrative costs (office rent, notary fees, and HR & payroll services), and
  • 35% will give us the chance to hire the first two staff members, closely followed by two others, to guarantee that the operations run effectively and lead to success.

The organization is an international not-for-profit association (AISBL) under Belgian law. This means that if:

  • you live in Belgium, donations are tax-deductible,
  • you live in the EU, donations should be tax-deductible. However, each state has the discretionary power to allow deductibility (or not).

Finally, don't hesitate to reach out via, and to read the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions. If you are wondering how we came to launch NOW!, we wrote a short blog article here and we got featured on The Economist here!

Thank you for reading, we hope that you will join us on this adventure!

Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Andrea Venzon


UPDATE 1 (November 6th, 2019): On January 1st, 2020, we will officially launch NOW!, and at the same time announce the 3 campaigns we will begin with. We are really excited about this, and we cannot wait to share more details about it! Before this, we test the specifics of those campaigns with the membership, start broad consultations, create partnerships with various organizations and individuals, and prepare a hopefully amazing launch. However, as many have asked, we decided to let you know the themes that those campaigns will be covering: 

  1. Women's rights,
  2. Fiscal justice, and 
  3. Climate change!

We believe that those three themes are some of the huge challenges that the world faces and that pushing through solutions to address them could change our collective future. To get involved, subscribe today. 

UPDATE 2 (November 11th, 2019): We reached 20,000 Euros! With hundreds of people who pre-ordered their membership and a presence across the world, NOW! is a reality, and it is thanks to you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting us that far, this is a huge step forward.

This means that every forecasted expense will be covered until at least the end of January: we will be able to afford the IT infrastructure that will host all members and ensure their participation, launch our full website, reimburse the expenses of the first two staff members, pay the bills of the office and continue to cover the expenses the organization incurred during the start-up phase.

In light of having reached our first milestone, we increased our crowdfunding goal from 20,000 Euros to 30,000 Euros. 

Why 30,000 Euros? It would enable us to finish covering the costs incurred during the start-up phase of NOW! and will keep the organization running for a bit longer. In addition, we will be able to start looking for additional people to join our team, namely growth and campaign managers, and hopefully someone in charge of communication (if you know great talents in those areas that might be interested, please send us their details at We will of course post job announcements soon). 

What next? Our dream for this crowdfunder is to reach 50,000 Euros by the end of the year. While it is really ambitious, this would enable NOW! to function at full-steam on January 1st, 2020 and maximize the chances of success of the first campaigns. We will be able to: set up local infrastructures in the countries strategically chosen to launch the campaigns, create big events/marches/communication campaigns, and ensure the sustainability of the organization. 

Thank you once more for your help and support. Remember, it's Now or Never!

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