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0. How can I participate?


Thanks for asking: as a global movement, we cannot succeed without bold dreamers who believe that they shouldn't wait for others to do good, but do it themselves! We are thankful and hopeful that we can count on you. 

Here are various ways of helping: 

  • Become a member: our members are at the forefront of change, join them, and help us grow across the world. Read more about what it means here.
  • Discover our campaigns: sign, participate and join our campaigns to impact change across the world. Make your voice heard!
  • Attend an event
  • Spread the word: talk about NOW! with your friends, family, colleagues, and even stranger you meet during your daily commute. NOW! unites people across the world, and we need you to reach a wider audience. We can only succeed this way. 
  • Donate: it's always appreciated!