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3. How are you different from other institutions, or organizations?


We can distinguish two types of organizations operating at the global level, and while we intend to build on what all stakeholders have done, and collaborate whenever possible, we differ on a few points: 

1) intergovernmental organisations - such as the United Nations or the World Trade Organization: 

  • NOW! is a citizen-based movement not funded by governments, but that aims to hold governments accountable in passing measures to solve global challenges, going beyond their own national interests.
  • NOW! enables citizens across the world to take action on the global stage, to voice their opinion. NOW! believes in a form of global governance that is not only based on states’ interest and does not only operate behind closed doors but where citizens participate. 

2) international non-governmental organizations or movements:

  • Global digital platforms that enable citizens to sign petitions already exist, and they are often very effective and don't have a specific agenda. There are also global single-issue movements (FridaysForFuture, Women’s March, etc) that are raising awareness on specific issues. Both types of organizations have proven to be extremely impressive in providing tools for citizens to participate, and in making people aware of specific problems.
  • NOW! will build upon this, in an innovative manner: we will advocate for specific solutions to be passed across the world, have citizens engage online and offline to lobby and campaign for those solutions to be turned into concrete pieces of legislation in their countries and continents. In the long term, this will also happen at a global level. Finally, NOW!’s agenda is broad enough to NOW! tackle world issues that impact an ​important part of the population and that would greatly benefit from being solved in a transnational manner.