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7. What’s the difference between Plain, RED and BLUE memberships?


We have three different types of memberships: the PLAIN, RED and BLUE tiers.

The RED membership is the entry-level membership in NOW!. With the price of a cappuccino per month (prices will vary in the future from country to country), you will be able to participate in NOW!’s activities, express your preferences on policies & campaigns, access exclusive articles and talks from influencers and connect with members across the world.

The BLUE membership is more expensive because by paying for it, you are allowing two other people that cannot afford their membership to join. As a BLUE member, you will have all the access of a RED member plus selected private events.

However, thanks to the generosity of many members who chose to sponsor others, we are able to offer free memberships for those that cannot afford one: the PLAIN membership. Our system is based on trust, so you can pick any membership without having to provide any justification, but choose wisely :)

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