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NOW! is the disruptive global movement pushing for humanity to work as One to solve the biggest challenges of our time. Climate change, fiscal justice or for example nationalism can only be tackled if we work all together. Yes, we are big believers that we are stronger together!

NOW! was launched on the 1st of January 2020 by Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Andrea Venzon, in the hope to create a movement capable of uniting humans all over the world and thus, through their collective power, bring about drastic change on existential issues. A year after its creation, NOW! counts over 10,000 members in more than 120 countries.

NOW! does the work that cannot possibly be done today: join forces across borders, political lines, and issues to bring about simultaneous and radical change. As the movement present everywhere in the world, it leverages volunteers’ involvement and campaign methods to advance common solutions in the form of legislation across the globe.

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We believe that transnationalism is the only way forward in this increasingly interconnected world where many existential challenges go beyond human-made borders. Global challenges - ranging from climate change, fiscal injustice to nuclear proliferation - cannot be handled by nation-states alone, but can be solved by us all, together. 

We believe that the only way to tackle the biggest threats of our time is through the creation of a global movement of people standing as One to fight for our future. As nationalists and extremists are gaining ground, the urge to unite is stronger than ever.

We believe in doing whatever it takes to create progressive change in a radical and peaceful manner. The time for conventional solutions is long-gone: let’s be bold, let’s be loud, let’s be the disruptive global movement that sets the new rules of the game.

Because it is now or never.

NOW! tackles world issues that impact an important part of the population and greatly benefit from being solved in a transnational manner. NOW! believes that global solutions in the following three areas are dearly needed:

    • New Economy (e.g., fiscal justice, poverty, technology, space exploration),
    • Our planet (e.g., climate change, resource management, migration, nuclear proliferation), and
    • World democracy (e.g., democracy, rights, global governance, nationalism, and populism).

Throughout its battles, NOW! is anchored and driven by the defense and promotion of the following five cardinal values: democracy, individual freedom, free, fair & sustainable market economy, human rights, and ecologism.


From calling for referendums to launching viral petitions, lobbying elected officials, organizing protests, levying influencers’ voices, supporting and filing political candidates who stand for our beliefs, and using civil disobedience when needed,we campaign for the same concrete pieces of legislation addressing global challenges to be passed into law across continents, to fight for our future.

All our campaigns are global in nature: they take place across many countries (preferably across continents), either in front of nation-states, regional entities or international organizations. Indeed, as a global movement pushing for transnationalism to become a reality, our campaigns and methodologies embody our transnational mission, and showcase that shared solutions to global challenges are implementable all across the world.




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