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Meet Alexandre, NOW!'s local leader in Geneva, Switzerland.

Who are you? I'm Alexandre Chevalier. I live in Geneva-Switzerland. I'm a Compliance and Legal manager working in the banking and financial sector. Swiss and Colombian, I had the chance to grow up in an international environment and to understand that we are not equal everywhere on this planet.

Why did you join NOW!? After having been involved in the local political action in Switzerland, I have decided to join NOW! because I agree with the fact that in a complex world, solutions can only be global and shared, without looking at countries, borders, political affiliation but only with the goodwill of "We, the People". With my international roots, I know that keeping democracy alive is a daily fight. Never granted. And not happening for everyone. 

What would you like to tell people? I will tell them to go fight for their beliefs. To participate in the democratic game. Locally, nationally, internationally. To help those who have not the chance to live in a more equal World. To stand with those still fighting for this freedom that so often we consider as granted. To join us at NOW!