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NOW! is a global movement of people that have decided to shape our shared future for the better. Our members are at the forefront of change, join them! 

Below, you can find three membership tiers: as you can see, for most of them we ask you for a small contribution. Why? Our organization relies on membership fees to function, which is why we highly encourage you to get the RED or BLUE membership. Thanks to the small contributions of many people like you around the world, NOW! has been able to face important campaign-related expenses, such as developing our cutting edge IT infrastructure, buying much-needed marketing material, and dealing with all other costs that the central team and local campaign groups are facing every day! 

We hope that as our community grows, NOW! will be able to expand and be completely financially independent. So please join us!

However, thanks to the generosity of many members who chose to sponsor others, we are able to offer free memberships for those that cannot afford one: the PLAIN membership. The only thing we ask you if you join as a PLAIN member is the following: be a true activist! We need your energy and dedication to make NOW! thrive.

Our system is based on trust, so you can pick any membership without having to provide any justification, but choose wisely :)

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