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Meet Bharat, NOW!'s local leader in Delhi, India.

Who are you? I'm the knight. I'm the vengeance. Nananana (Background score) I'm Batman!! Alright! Let us try it the typical way the way society wants us to be. Hi! My name is Bharat Saini, and I'm not from Gotham city but Delhi.

Why did you join NOW!? Unlike movies and comic book, real-life problems cannot be solved by putting on a mask and punching it down. It necessitates a radical approach, rational constructs and pragmatic solution. The reason why I joined NOW! is because of flexibility, freedom to pick a challenge or issue that we feel related too, ample support of the NOW global team and diverse community that practices and preaches solidarity movements to ensure a bright, peaceful, and united world. 

What would you like to tell people? Life is unfair, and there is no divine justice. Sometimes people never get any justice. So, join me, join us and our global movement to speak loud and clear for those who can't speak for themselves and for the issues that put us and our future in danger.