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Colombe is the co-founder and co-Executive Director of NOW!. As such, she is leading the organization, shaping its focus, and is working to ensure strategic impact for all of NOW!’s endeavours.

Colombe is currently focusing a big part of her work on working to find common battles and ways forward across borders and crafting our next campaigns. From pushing forward gender equality to understanding how to preserve freedoms and innovate democracy, Colombe’s campaign focus spans across many regions and continents.

Her passion has always been human rights; she believes that wherever we come from in the world and whatever our story is, we have (or should have) those in common. For Colombe, human rights are a powerful tool and basis for people all over the world to unite and fight for a better future for all. 

She previously co-founded Volt Europa - Europe's first pan-European movement - where she was the Policy Lead. In that capacity, she oversaw the full policy stack of the movement, as well as the first pan-European electoral programme. Before that, Colombe worked in various human rights and humanitarian organizations, including Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, the NRC, and the OHCHR. She holds a Masters of Law from Duke School of Law, as well as a law degree from Warwick University.