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Welcome to the DE | Berlin Community Team!

Dear Change-Maker, 

you are here on this page because you care. And we are here because we care as well. And together, we can have the impact that is necessary for things to actually change. 

Only together. 

This is why at NOW! Berlin, we are building an open-minded, supportive community where people that care - people like you - can share their perspectives, experiences, and opinions to stand in for the causes they are passionate about! 

We thrive through diversity and blossom by collaboration.

Here at NOW! Berlin, you will always find a like-minded person and get the support from the community that you need to actually drive change.

Because we stand together and fall together! 

Whether it’s global challenges such as climate change, LGBTQ rights, freedom of speech and democracy, or basic human rights: We take action, locally, nationally, and globally to fight for a better world. 

Because it’s NOW! or never. 

Every effort that you are willing to commit, whether its small or large, is equally appreciated. Eventually, also the ocean is only made up out of a billion drops of water.

We value positive, life-affirming, and appreciative communication and celebrate every new member. 


We organize a community call every Tuesday, protest on Friday, and celebrate till Sunday - and you are cordially invited to join us!

We would love to get to know you.

John and Simon, on behalf of the entire NOW! Berlin Community!


Contact the central NOW! team: [email protected]

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