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Thanks for asking: as a global movement, we cannot succeed without bold dreamers who believe that they shouldn't wait for others to do good, but do it themselves! We are thankful and hopeful that we can count on you. 

Here are various ways of helping: 

  • Become a member: our members are at the forefront of change, join them, and help us grow across the world. Read more about what it means here.
  • Discover our campaigns: sign, participate and join our campaigns to impact change across the world. Make your voice heard!
  • Attend an event
  • Spread the word: talk about NOW! with your friends, family, colleagues, and even stranger you meet during your daily commute. NOW! unites people across the world, and we need you to reach a wider audience. We can only succeed this way. 
  • Donate: it's always appreciated! 

NOW! is the disruptive global movement pushing for humanity to work as One to solve the biggest challenges of our time. Climate change, fiscal justice or for example nationalism can only be tackled if we work all together. Yes, we are big believers that we are stronger together!

NOW! was launched on the 1st of January 2020 to create a movement capable of uniting humans all over the world and thus, through their collective power, bring about drastic change on existential issues. 

NOW! does the work that cannot possibly be done today: join forces across borders, political lines, and issues to bring about simultaneous and radical change. As the movement present everywhere in the world, it leverages volunteers’ involvement and campaign methods to advance common solutions in the form of legislation across the globe.

Find out more about NOW! here.

To achieve our mission, NOW! will :

  • Identify & craft transnational progressive solutions to the world’s biggest challenges, 
  • Create a common consciousness in transnational progressive solutions, and 
  • Campaign to implement those solutions into law across the globe, through civic mobilization and political activities.

From calling for referendums to launching viral petitions, lobbying elected officials, protesting, taking part in public consultations, levying our champions’ voices, using civil disobedience when needed, and collaborating with change-makers, we will push for the same concrete pieces of legislation across continents, addressing global challenges, to fight for our future. 

We can distinguish two types of organizations operating at the global level, and while we intend to build on what all stakeholders have done, and collaborate whenever possible, we differ on a few points: 

1) intergovernmental organisations - such as the United Nations or the World Trade Organization: 

  • NOW! is a citizen-based movement not funded by governments, but that aims to hold governments accountable in passing measures to solve global challenges, going beyond their own national interests.
  • NOW! enables citizens across the world to take action on the global stage, to voice their opinion. NOW! believes in a form of global governance that is not only based on states’ interest and does not only operate behind closed doors but where citizens participate. 

2) international non-governmental organizations or movements:

  • Global digital platforms that enable citizens to sign petitions already exist, and they are often very effective and don't have a specific agenda. There are also global single-issue movements (FridaysForFuture, Women’s March, etc) that are raising awareness on specific issues. Both types of organizations have proven to be extremely impressive in providing tools for citizens to participate, and in making people aware of specific problems.
  • NOW! will build upon this, in an innovative manner: we will advocate for specific solutions to be passed across the world, have citizens engage online and offline to lobby and campaign for those solutions to be turned into concrete pieces of legislation in their countries and continents. In the long term, this will also happen at a global level. Finally, NOW!’s agenda is broad enough to NOW! tackle world issues that impact an ​important part of the population and that would greatly benefit from being solved in a transnational manner.

The organization is an international not-for-profit association (AISBL) under Belgian law.

While the organization is based in Brussels, we are working across the world as we believe that people need to unite to solve global challenges. This might change in the future, as we might need to open various legal entities to be able to operate in different countries.

We do not prioritize any geography, will choose with the community of members which countries or regions should be targeted for various campaigns based on an impact assessment. We forecast that initially, it will be easier to build a presence in countries and regions where the system of governance is democratic.

Yes, definitely! Whenever we find organizations or individuals interested in joining forces to advance common causes and solutions, we will definitely do so.  We do not intend to duplicate what has already been done, but build upon it and achieve our goals of passing legislation impacting drastic change.

If you are an organization or individual interested in collaborating, please email us at [email protected]. If you want to partner on the Global Climate Emergency campaign, please email us at [email protected]

NOW! is gathering initial funds through crowdfunding efforts, and outreach to foundations across the world. We aim and forecast to be mostly funded by members’ donations very soon. 

Andrea Venzon and Colombe Cahen-Salvador are the founders of the movement. This article explains their background and story. They are however looking for others from all over the world to join and scale-up together the organization.

We have three different types of memberships: the PLAIN, RED and BLUE tiers.

The RED membership is the entry-level membership in NOW!. With the price of a cappuccino per month (prices will vary in the future from country to country), you will be able to participate in NOW!’s activities, express your preferences on policies & campaigns, access exclusive articles and talks from influencers and connect with members across the world.

The BLUE membership is more expensive because by paying for it, you are allowing two other people that cannot afford their membership to join. As a BLUE member, you will have all the access of a RED member plus selected private events.

However, thanks to the generosity of many members who chose to sponsor others, we are able to offer free memberships for those that cannot afford one: the PLAIN membership. Our system is based on trust, so you can pick any membership without having to provide any justification, but choose wisely :)

Become a member here

Of course! NOW! tackles world issues that impact an important part of the population and greatly benefit from being solved in a transnational manner.

NOW! believes that global solutions are needed to unleash the potential of a New Economy, protect Our planet and its people, and develop a real World democracy for all.

Throughout its battles, NOW! is anchored and driven by the defense and promotion of the following five cardinal values: democracy, individual freedom, free, fair & sustainable market economy, human rights, and ecologism.

Read more here

We chose Coral Red as our primary colour because we love the energy and warmth it communicates, and because it reminds us of the price to be paid if the world doesn’t act as One to counter the effects of global challenges. Indeed, the coral reefs in all 29 reef-containing World Heritage sites would cease to exist by the end of this century if we continue to emit greenhouse gases under a business-as-usual scenario. And this would have disastrous economic, social and health consequences. Coral Red is a constant reminder that we all need to do more, push further. We will have no second chance.

We chose Indigo Blue as our secondary colour as it embodies our transnational mission, being the colour of international cooperation.

And let’s be honest, we think those two colours look great together. We hope you like them!