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1. Overarching goal of the campaign

Through the ​Wave of Freedom campaign, ​NOW! pushes for the creation of a League of Democracies: an international coalition of major democracies to coordinate responses and implement measures, such as economic sanctions, to support struggles for freedoms against authoritarianism. 

2. Specific aim

Ensure that a motion that demands the creation of the League of Democracies is tabled for discussion at a future G-7 meeting. As a starting point, the LoD would comprise the G-7 countries plus three other major democracies, as already proposed by the UK governments in May 2020 (the “D-10”). While the aim is to expand the coalition in the future, such a starting group is more realistic.

3. Target geographies

Our key target geographies to lobby are the G7 ones: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, United States, Canada, Japan. Secondary targets are the three future D-10 additions: South Korea, India, and Australia. 

However, our actions and efforts will not be limited to ten countries. Indeed, our strength lies in our diversity and globalism as a movement. Thus, NOW! members from across the planet are pushing forward this campaign, by staging protests, spreading awareness, and bringing their governments to stand for democracy!

4. Strategy & Methodology

For the League of Democracies to be created, G7 members need to tackle this matter during a G7 meeting. They should decide whether to transform the G7 into the LoD (thus a group of democracies protecting democracy) and admit South Korea, India, and Australia, or whether to create a separate organization.

To achieve this aim, we are:

  • Lobbying interested governments, in particular the United Kingdom as the 2021 chair of the G7, to table this motion and approve it 
  • Organizing local teams of volunteers, to push forward this initiative, for example by:
    • Performing snap actions for visibility to increase pressure on politicians
    • Meeting with their national representatives to lobby them to stand for this idea.

5. Timeline 

A) Listening phase (June 1st - July 1st, 2020)

Throughout this phase, we gathered ideas and then feedback from thousands of people from across the world on the campaign via surveys, and many of them started joining as volunteers! We also consulted experts, activists, and politicians on this topic, to gather as much knowledge and information, and start creating alliances to maximize our chances of impacting change!

B) Advocacy phase (July 1st - September 15th, 2020)

The goals of this phase are to:

  1. create awareness of the topic and the solution we are advancing, 
  2. build the local teams that will push it forward on the ground and training them in community organizing

The advocacy phase will be concluded on the International Day of Democracy (Sept. 15th), with a big stunt action! 

C) Campaign phase (Sept 15th - TBD)

The goals of this phase are to:

  • Introduce private members’ bills in D-10 Parliaments
  • Build relationships with G7 sherpas and foreign ministries
  • Get a significant base of supporters in each country

Further activities and phases will be developed as we move forward, including beyond August 2021.