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1. Overarching goal of the campaign

NOW! pushes for the creation of a League of Democracies. This League will be an international coalition of democracies to: 

  • Support struggles for freedom & democracy against authoritarianism, by imposing coordinated responses and implementing measures, such as economic sanctions
  • Hold each other accountable for democratic backsliding,
  • Innovate democracy and set a bold vision for its future, by sharing best practices and exploring new technological opportunities.

2. Specific aim

Ensure that a motion that demands the creation of the League of Democracies is tabled for discussion at a future G-7 meeting. 

We are first targeting the G-7 meeting as it’s a forum with a lot of international attention, thus ideal to raise awareness about the need for a League of Democracies. However, we won’t stop there: the G7 is neither a democratic nor representative body, just a starting point. Ideally, in the future, all democratic nations will join this union and form a global government by the people, for the people. We are already in touch with countries outside G7 to get the work started. 

3. Strategy & Methodology

For the League of Democracies to be created, G7 members need to tackle this matter during a G7 meeting. They should decide whether to transform the G7 into the LoD (thus a group of democracies protecting democracy) and admit South Korea, India, and Australia, or whether to create a separate organization.

To achieve this aim, we are:

  • Lobbying interested governments, in particular the United Kingdom as the 2021 chair of the G7, to table this motion and approve it 
  • Organizing local teams of volunteers, to push forward this initiative, for example by:
    • Performing snap actions for visibility to increase pressure on politicians, such as Fridays For Freedom protests
    • Meeting with their national representatives to lobby them to stand for this idea.

Parallel to this, we are having discussions with other governments that might be interested in working to create and/or join the League of Democracies. 

5. Timeline 

The G7 meeting will take place in June 2021, and we are working hard to have our motion tabled there and then. 

However, our efforts won’t stop there. Regardless of the results, we will reconvene on September 15th for the second edition of our Freedom Hackaton. We will bring together activists, politicians, and leaders from all continents to regroup, think, and get ready for another year of action to advance our campaign and keep up the fight for democracy.