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[Session 10] Democracy is never a given: we need to work to safeguard it.

Never take democracy for granted. Ever. For democracy to live long and succeed, we need to work for it, every day. We need to protect it, every day. Established democracies are seeing dangerous trends we thought long gone of far righters wanting to erode basic rights. Authoritarian regimes are cracking down on oases of democracy. What should we do to counter those trends? What should we do differently?

Join our speakers that are at the forefront of the struggle, whether in democratic systems or in places where democracy is a reminiscence of the past.

Format: Panel discussion and conversation with attendees


  • Julie Ward, Member of the European Parliament, United Kingdom
  • Joey Siu, Pro-Democracy Activist, Hong Kong
  • Yasmine Ouirhrane, Founder of WeBelongEurope, Awardee Young European of the Year 2019, Italy
September 15, 2020 at 4:10pm - 5:10pm
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