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Freedom Marathon Survey

On September 15th, for the International Day of Democracy, we will hold the very 1st Freedom Marathon, that will last 24 hours!

Why? 2020 has seen widespread attacks across the globe on freedom, with governments cracking down on dissent in the midst of the pandemic. Now more than ever, it is fundamental to protect and promote democracy. This event will start a Wave of Freedom to wipe out authoritarianism.

How? Throughout the event, we want to bring together freedom-fighters veterans and those at the frontline of the struggles for democracy across the world today. This marathon will not only see high-level panels: the audience will be able to brainstorm with all speakers and participants and connect with one another.

What can you do? In short, you will be shaping this event, from the start. Soooo... tell us what you want to discuss, who we should invite, and send us all your craziest ideas by participating in this brief survey.

Finally, don't forget to register for the event to make sure that you stay updated.