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Fridays For Freedom


Across the world, democracy is in decline. From authoritarian regimes cracking down on freedoms and rights in Hong Kong, to dictators preventing free elections in Venezuela and Belarus, the situation is deteriorating fast. No country alone has the leverage to oppose dictatorships and protect freedom. it’s time to dream bigger. 

We are working, through the Wave of Freedom campaign, to push for major democracies to ally, counter dictators' crackdown on dissent, and Stand With Hong Kong, Venezuela, the Uyghurs, Taiwan, Myanmar and much more! As part of this campaign, we are organizing “Fridays For Freedom”. People across the world organize and partake in protests to make sure that world leaders don't have a choice but to unite.


If you cannot make it to a protest because of restrictions in your country, take a picture of yourself with a sign with #FridaysForFreedom in front of a government building to ask your country to act (or in your living room). Then, share it on social media, tagging 5 friends and NOW4humanity! 

Fill the form on this page to receive a social media package to participate in the action, regular updates, and you will let our team know that you are on our side!


Protests and events are being organized by our members across the world as we speak. You can find the list of organized ones on our website and on Facebook. Make sure you respect social distancing rules and stay safe when you join the protest. 


Due to COVID-19, we will also live-stream our London protest on Facebook and Youtube. You can find more details on our website.


If you want to get more involved and help organize a protest in your city in front of a government building or any other important building. To do so, become a member (click here) and you will receive the next steps!

Please help us: we are running out of time.


December 04, 2020 at 12am - May 03, 2021
Parliaments and Government Buildings, as well as online!
Google map and directions
Guendalina Galli Jamie Yu raymond delahunty Scott Hartman Aurora Chang Sh Tay Thanh Hiep Nguyen Kim Remos Ayda Zaghouan Saori Fujimoto Charlotte Meyer Jennifer Traini Dusan Simek Xingyu Yan David Missal Andy Fishman Dung-Bai Yen Preston Greenshields Caoli Shirahata Kayeung Li Michele Riva Julius Tsui Mattias Akke Manon Larrieu Jessica Sinn Christina Weigel Penny Ford Di Fan Moira Roberts Dorothy Booher Edward Tse Annie Lo Petrito ZeZus David Eitler 永德 施 David Nivia Ben Bakalovic Sylvie Wang Benedict Rogers Andreas Matter Tauno Erik Giovanni Mendola Dhoha Ayed Davide francesco Larghi Rosita Tombari Hans Daloga yuen lau Sam Janssens

Will you come?

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