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Global Climate Emergency: tell us what you think!

Climate change is happening now and has already started destroying lives and our planet. Many countries have already declared a climate emergency, but without global action, climate change will not be solved: no country alone can stop it.

That’s why we launched a campaign to demand that the United Nations Security Council declare a global climate emergency. This body has the power to force all 194 countries in the U.N. to take action: it’s one of our only hopes. We want our motion to be tabled by the end of 2020. And for this, we need you: our next target is South Africa that will be the United Nations Security Council President in December. 

Please fill this brief survey to share ideas, feedback, and experience on how you think we can best push the United Nations and South Africa to stop climate change, for all our sake. By crowdsourcing creative solutions and use our collective wisdom, we are sure we will be able to stop the climate crisis.

Do you believe that our planet is in a Global Climate Emergency?