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Instagram Live | What is eco-anxiety with Clover Hogan

Join us on December 17th, at 7 pm CET (6 pm London Time, 9 pm Nairobi Time, 1 pm New York Time) for an Instagram live with our campaign manager Laura and the founder of Force of Nature, Clover Hogan

Clover is a climate activist, researcher on eco-anxiety, and the founder of Force of Nature - a youth-led organisation empowering Gen Z to step up, rather than shut down, in the face of the climate crisis. As part of Green December, during the live, Laura and Clover will talk about what is eco-anxiety, what we can do to turn it into action for the climate, what are some positive steps that everyone can take to counter the climate crisis, and a super cool event happening on the 22nd of December.  

Join us for this live on Instagram to hear from Laura and Clover and ask any question you may have! 

December 19, 2020 at 11:30am - 12pm
Geert Paelinck

Will you come?

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