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Laura is the campaign manager of NOW!. She is currently focusing her work on our Global Climate Emergency and our Run Like A Woman campaigns. 

Indeed, she is pushing for countries to pass a Global Climate Emergency in the United Nations Security Council, and mobilizing political leaders and citizens to achieve parity in politics across the world. For this purpose, Laura is working with NOW!’s community of volunteers and organizing local teams across borders to achieve global change from a grassroots level. 

Laura strongly believes that people were born equal and the injustices of the world should make us all work together towards a fairer place. Her passion lies in solving social issues and trying to make this world a better place for those who are often left behind by society, including refugees and asylum seekers.

Laura previously worked in communications, where she was an associate executive working with a range of tech companies. Before that, she worked in various humanitarian organisations including the UNHCR and the UK Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner. Laura holds a MSc in International Migration and Public Policy from the LSE, as well as a BA in Politics and International Relations from SOAS.