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Live Q&A on the Hong Kong & Climate campaigns

Following the launch of the Wave of Freedom for Hong Kong campaign, join our co-Executive Directors (Colombe & Andrea) to discuss what is happening in Hong Kong, what we can all do to support the struggle for freedom and democracy.

They will also tell you more about our NOW!'s campaign to create an international coalition of major democracies (the D-10) to coordinate responses and implement measures - such as economic sanctions - to safeguard Hong Kong’s freedoms and democracy.

Finally, we also have some pretty big news on the climate front: Germany is heading the UN Security Council this month and can declare a Global Climate Emergency! Tune in to know more.

To join the live Q&A, you can find us on InstagramFacebook, and Youtube!

July 02, 2020 at 1pm - 2pm
Avenue Louise 54
Brussels 1000
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