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Naima Mohamed - Nairobi, Kenya

Meet Naima, NOW!'s local leader in Nairobi, Kenya. Who are you? I’m Naima Mohamed, an environmentalist, blogger and activist from Nairobi, Kenya. Why did you...
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Beatriz Nunes - The Hague, Netherlands

Meet Beatriz, NOW!'s local leader in the Hague, in the Netherlands. Who are you? Olá! Hoi! Hello! I'm Beatriz, a Portuguese environmental engineer living in...
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Alexandre Chevalier - Geneva, Switzerland

Meet Alexandre, NOW!'s local leader in Geneva, Switzerland. Who are you? I'm Alexandre Chevalier. I live in Geneva-Switzerland. I'm a Compliance and Legal manager working...
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Local Leader - Tunis, Tunisia

Meet Dhoha, NOW!'s local leader in Tunis, Tunisia. Who are you? Hey World, I'm Dhoha Ayed a Law student and a social activist advocating human...
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Local Leader - Delhi, India

Meet Bharat, NOW!'s local leader in Delhi, India. Who are you? I'm the knight. I'm the vengeance. Nananana (Background score) I'm Batman!! Alright! Let...
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Local Leader - Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)

Meet Tim, NOW!'s local leader in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Who are you? I'm Tim Elliott. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm an electrician and an outdoor...
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