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All our campaigns are global in nature: they take place across many countries (preferably across continents), either in front of nation-states, regional entities or international organizations. Indeed, as a global movement pushing for transnationalism to become a reality, our campaigns and methodologies embody our transnational mission, and showcase that shared solutions to global challenges are implementable all across the world. 

During the first year of operations, we will test different tools in our campaigns to identify the most effective ones. 


Among the many tools that are available to affect change, we short-listed the following to test first: citizen-led referendums, lobbying, protests and marches, petitions and citizens initiatives to be sent to a government or regional entity (for example, European Citizen Initiatives would ensure that at least 7 countries participate in gathering signatures), protests and marches and using peaceful civil disobedience when necessary. In parallel, we will support political candidates who defend our policies in electoral campaigns across the globe​. 

Those tools will be used to ensure that global solutions are implemented across the world. Finally, we will also rely on champions speaking up for those campaigns and might support political candidates in line with our values.

Detailed Steps

Here are the detailed steps that NOW! will take to achieve its mission:

i. Craft global solutions for the world’s biggest challenges

NOW! will develop transnational policy proposals to the world’s biggest challenges. Key activities will involve:

  1. Detailing a doctrine of progressive transnationalism, ​to lay down the principles behind the concept and create the institutional framework(s) for it to thrive.
  2. Identifying the biggest challenges of our time that would benefit from being solved together,
  3. Identifying existing solutions to those global challenges, or create them by working with experts from all relevant fields and regions.
ii. Create a common consciousness around transnational progressive solutions

NOW!’s disruptive message will be amplified through communication, to make it reach the world. Key activities will involve:

  1. Coming up with a clear narrative on transnationalism and transnational progressive solutions, to ensure that those concepts are easily graspable.
  2. Sparking interest and knowledge on hot topics to create a common consciousness through social media and web medium,​ for example by airing a youtube talk show discussing transnational topics.
  3. Support candidates and politicians that stand for NOW!’s policies and campaigns, for example through additional visibility, PR, and common actions.
iii. Campaign to implement solutions into law across the globe.

NOW! will focus on implementing our policy solutions to bring about concrete change, by organizing citizens and pushing legislation with the relevant stakeholders. Key activities will involve:

  1. Creating a network of champions, to amplify transnationalism and transnational progressive solutions.
  2. Developing a community of volunteers to back up campaigns and lobbying efforts. A participatory model will be implemented, enabling movement members to participate in the policy-making process and to choose which campaigns to partake in among other initiatives.
  3. Filing political candidates who defend our policies in electoral campaigns across the globe, strategically placed in parties with the most likely to succeed to ensure that more elected representatives supporting solutions to global challenges will be in a position to pass them into law. Candidates will be bound by NOW!’s policies across nations, thus creating majorities in as many parliaments across the world as possible to impact drastic change. Through NOW!’s campaigns, we will be able to channel mass support and youth involvement behind candidates advancing our policies.