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Meet Muskaan, NOW!'s local leader in Delhi, India.

Who are you? Hello Everyone, My name is Muskaan Goyal, and I am an MSc. International Relations Graduate.

Why did you join NOW!? I joined NOW! because they (Andrea, Colombe, and all the teams worldwide) put all their efforts, give all their support, and pour all their love into everything they do and every single campaign they work on and inspires you to do the same. They help you stand up for your beliefs and deal with real issues without limiting any of us to our own countries. Every single day, they make you see how much related we all are, how to look at things from a larger perspective, and how much work needs to be put into creating an equal, democratic, and better world for every one of us. Most importantly, NOW! has made every single member associated with it realize their potential and how their voice is going to change the world.

What would you like to tell people? You matter, and your voice matters, and it is going to change the world. Join NOW! for humanity today because we need each other to amplify our voices of concerns and stand united so that no one can defeat us.