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Stand With Myanmar: sanctions are needed NOW!

Dear leaders of the democratic world,

We, the people of the world, ask you to act urgently to protect protesters and democracy in Myanmar following the military coup. 

Since February 1st, 2021, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets peacefully in cities across Myanmar. They are risking their lives for democracy, freedoms, and their future. These brave freedom fighters were met with lethal force. At least 700 people have been killed by security forces since February 1st 2021, thousands have been detained.

We join the hundreds of thousands of protesters in asking ALL democratic countries to impose:

  • urgent coordinated and targeted economic and diplomatic sanctions on military leaders and military-owned companies, and
  • an arms embargo on Myanmar. 

Myanmar’s military must step down, release elected representatives and protesters, and be held accountable for its crimes. For this to happen, true international solidarity must take place: a global response is needed. Democratic leaders, work together and stand with those risking everything on the frontlines. 

UPDATE: we welcome the steps taken by the US, the UK, and Canada in imposing sanctions (from travel bans to assets freezing) on military leaders responsible for the coup and human rights violations, as well as on companies fuelling the crackdown.

Will you sign?

Stand with protesters in Myanmar

Sign this open letter for world leaders to act

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