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In the summer of 2019, Andrea and Colombe were captured in discussions around the world's hottest topics: the catastrophic effects of climate change, the uprising of citizens demanding democracy and the related repressions, or simply the injustices that minorities keep on facing around the world. They were trying to think about how to solve those issues and had a hard time finding hope. They soon realized that many of the most worrying threats of our times are by nature supranational, and hence no actor is currently capable of properly dealing with them: intergovernmental organizations do not have the power nor legitimacy, and national governments and leaders are constrained by borders and electoral calendars (to find out more, click here). They also realized that time is running out: humankind might become extinct by 2100 because of climate change, and even before in case of nuclear disasters.

As a result, they decided to act, by founding NOW!, the global movement pushing for humanity to work as One, to solve the biggest challenges of our time.

The road to doing so is obviously not easy: millions need to join and be ready to push forward coherent and coordinated legislative solutions across the world. We need to overcome barriers such as languages, culture, and borders. Funds must be found, tech infrastructure created, and organizational developments need to happen. But we have hope: after having pre-launched NOW! in October 2019, we sold thousands of dollars worth of memberships, with many people giving more to sponsor others. We are already on all continents, and we have advisers and volunteers willing to develop local teams. 

On January 1st, we launched NOW!, as well as our first campaign, demanding that the United Nations Security Council declares a Global Climate Emergency (sign the petition!).

What’s next?  We will launch at least 3 other campaigns in 2020, start involving volunteers across the world thanks to our membership system and tech infrastructure, and grow the movement as much as possible! 

Our story is short, as this is only the dawn of this new movement. This book remains to be written. Join us to write the next chapter! Sitting back and waiting for others to take action is no longer an option. We have a duty to stand for one another. We have the power to shape this world for the better. We have to unite.