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The RED membership will give you access to all NOW!’s activities. It is the membership that we normally recommend to newcomers: it will allow you to engage fully with our global campaigns and community while helping the organization to become self-sustainable one step at a time.

Joining as a RED member will give you access to the “members area” of our website, where all internal updates are shared and all the active engagement is performed.  As a RED member you will gain therefore access to:

  • The internal forum of NOW!, where members from every corner of the world will exchange ideas and projects to push our campaigns even further,
  • The internal trainings we regularly hold for activists, to train all of us in campaigning, or simply pitching our proposals to our grandparents,
  • The possibility to collaborate on our campaigns and volunteer,
  • Exclusive content created by and with influencers that back our causes, such as articles, videos, and podcasts,
  • Your local NOW! campaign group.

...and much, much more!

As a RED member, you will be able to get to know and campaign together with thousands of like-minded individuals scattered across the planet, as well as to involve yourself in improving our society

For the cost of a cappuccino a month, get your RED membership and help our movement to become stronger.

Note: Membership tiers are anonymized within our internal community -  no one but the central staff of NOW! will be aware of which membership you have chosen.

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Contributions are tax deductible.


$ 3.00
paid monthly