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It's time for A Solar Revolution for Oklahoma

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Hey, my name is Tim. I am an electrician from Tulsa and leader of the local NOW! group.

I care about the future of this planet and, because of my work, I know that Oklahoma can and must do better when it comes to renewable energy. I have an idea - and I need your help to make it happen.

We must push the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission to adopt a code requiring new homes to include a solar panel system that will provide no less than 15% of the energy used. This is already working in California and will save Oklahomans about 80$ in monthly utility bills, and only add about 40$ to the monthly mortgage payment.

By starting a Solar Revolution for Oklahoma, we will cut our State's carbon emissions, move us to a more sustainable, eco-friendly community and save people money! 

Sign this petition so that our demand can be heard by the Commission.

Do you want to join me in this campaign? Become a member of NOW!, let's change the world together!

For any questions or feedback, please reach out at [email protected]

Will you sign?

Sign to push Oklahoma to start a Solar Revolution!

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