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SURVEY: Should democracies ally to protect Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s freedoms and civil rights have been under constant attack by China for years, but the situation has been dramatically deteriorating in the last few weeks. At NOW!, we will soon launch a campaign to ensure the protection of civil rights and freedom in Hong Kong by increasing international pressure on China. 

Following a previous survey, we have noted widespread enthusiasm and support to push major democracies to work together to stand up to China for Hong Kong's democracy. We believe this is the right way forward, and as a global movement, we want to push for this to happen.

Hence, we want your feedback on our plan, to get ready to fight for freedom!

[1/7] Do you believe that major democracies around the world should ally and work together to be able to pressure China to stop the erosion of rights and freedom in Hong Kong?
China's economic dominance has pushed many countries to disregard Beijing’s disrespect for international values and basic human and civil rights. However, if democracies ally and support each other, they will hold more power to stand strong together